Our Story

The Brand

Kaema is an ethical ivorian brand based in Paris. It launched in 2019 with the collection « La Route », FW 2019.

The brand ́s universe is based on the designer’s story. Sharing, values, love, culture are important elements that we want to transcribe through Kaema.

The brand will seduce you with it’s experimental, contemporary creations that will be feminine and timeless.

Kaema is a perfect mix of the modern parisian urban style and the traditional Ivorian symbols.

The Designer

Esther Konan is a young fashion designer born in Senegal and grew up in Ivory Coast.

She left Abidjan few years ago and studied fashion design at ESMOD (Paris) during three years. She graduated as Fashion Designer and specialized in knitwear.

Strongly inspired by her origins , they have a real impact on the brand identity. Esther has always been surrounded by creative souls and that’s how her creativity was born. The names of our items are those of these friends, family or people who inspire her. But her mom elegance and sophistication is her first inspiration.

Our Items

Our goal is to provide the best quality to our customers. Kaema’s ready to wear line is assemble in Europe, soon in Africa.

Conscious about our planet, Kaema is committed to limit stock waste. All the clothes are available for pre-order, we therefore produce, what we sell to prevent raw material waste.

The collections are seasonless, so no matter your location you can find your pieces. Our wardrobe is made of contemporary pieces with a traditional aesthetic.

Our Materials

The most of the fabrics are from textile industry falls. However, kita fabrics and the pearls of our jewelries are made by artisans in Ivory Coast.

We want to promote the ivorian’s knowledge and increase the economic situation of our wholesalers based in Abidjan.

Our scarves are printed with natural ink in London. The classic print is inspired by Akan jewelries. Among the akan people, gold has a very precious and even sacred character. It gives to families and people who possess wealth and power.